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by usama khokhar
Buy donuts in perth

It’s never a day off for a good doughnut

, the most promising statement for donuts ever. Although they’re simply fried, dipped in a scrumptious dipping, glazed and coated with sugary coating.

Whereas in 2022, doughnut cafes are experimenting with more flavors every day.Here’s your turn to take a dive in to the cafes to buy donuts in Perth.

Every now and then there’s a new hype on transitional flavors, latest dough making techniques, and twisting sweet flavors.

Top Dup (Multiple Locations)

Top dup is one of the coolest donut cafes in Perth, which is serving some of the best tasting donuts with the highest production value. The classic presentation of donuts at Top Dup comes up with glazed or sugar coated donuts with inners infused with custard, chocolate, vanilla cream, and syrup sometimes. The oozing flavors may transition between maple, candied bacon, New York cheesecake, sprinkle bomb, and marble mud cake.

Donut Worry ( Northbridge and East Victoria Park)

Topping at Donut Worry is next level when it comes to scrumptious toppings and oozing dippings. Donut Worry is known for dishing out donuts in the classical Greek style. The flavors served are versatile ranging from Biscoff, Bueno and Bee Happy, and other twisty flavoring. They are also one of its kind in serving vegan-friendly donuts, a donut treat for everyone!

Levi’s (Fremantle)

The famous donut tops at Freo Markets are always making rounds in the social circles for their authentic donut recipe and serving style. Their tasty donut bombs are always a treat to look for sweet tooths. You can get any of these magically sweet flavors like  blackberry jam filled, the Real Dark Chocolate Filled, and the Traditional Style (sprinkled with cinnamon sugar).

Mary St Bakery (Multiple Branches)

The mildly sweet, spongy, buttery soft, and the most tempting donuts served at Mary St Bakery are actually standing out of the crowd. The secret behind their goodness is a never ending craving for these donuts. The Bakery is serving their mini pieces of art in flavors like gooey caramel stuffed salted one, lemon maple pecan, rose water and pistachio, and passion fruit curd. There’s no way back if your taste buds get accustomed to these donuts!

Chopin Patisserie (Sorrento)

Chopin Patisserie is the actual star of the show, who’s won taste awards. The hero of the show is Paczki, the Polish donut. The dough used in making these donuts is sweet, donuts are fried and then filled with homemade plum jam, finally glazed. Chopin is equally doing justice with donuts filled with organic plums!

Chu Bakery (Highgate)

The signature donut item is The Boston Cream Doughnut, that is a brioche hybrid donut stuffed with vanilla bean pastry cream. The donut is then glazed in the glossy dip of dark chocolate, whereas the custardy cream enriched filling has its own taste charm. Honestly you can never be done with this donut. It has everything a donut can offer, the cream, the chocolatey twist, the custardy nectar, and the buttery bites.

  • MOP Donuts (Perth)

MOP donuts are loaded and sprinkled with the yummiest little goodies. The little sweet balls of joy are perfectly sweet and have multiple flavors to choose into. These are Snickers, Ferrerro Rocher, and Oreo. 

  • tbsp. (Bayswater)

tbsp. makes you addicted with a never ending craving for donuts with their heavenly sweet donuts! They are serving flavors that one can never get tired of, like the magically sweet blueberry added with a twist of chocolate crumb perfectly complementing the blueberries! Another one is yuzu with matcha crumb, a treat for sweet tooths every day of the week.

  • Lawleys Bakery Cafe (Multiple Branches)

The glazed donut with a custardy filling, what else can one dream of a good donut? At Lawleys Bakery, you’ll go crazy once you’ll get to try their custard filled glazed donuts. These are no doubt the best statement donuts in Perth. Or you can verify it yourself by just having a bite of these sweet magic spells.

  1. General Public Food Co (Scarborough, Inglewood)

At General Public Co, you can get confused initially with the savory aroma of a sourdough pizza. But, once you get through those treasure shelves with donuts, Coffee Shop in Perth  there’s a solid sweet trap! The donuts are soft fluffy and are perfectly chewy to match their crisp. 

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