These are the steps you must meet to be an astronaut at ESA

by zobia batool
These are the steps you must meet to be an astronaut at ESA

These are the steps you must meet to be an astronaut at ESA

These are the steps you must meet to be an astronaut at ESA, The process is open. The ESA is looking for six astronauts to join its space trips in 2022, but what requirements do they demand? We explain them to you.

The European Space Agency (ESA) is looking for astronauts and has already received 22,589 applications from all members and associated states. But, what are the requirements imposed by the organization to enter the space?

The most basic is the physical requirements. The height of future astronauts must be between 150 and 190 centimeters. In addition, it is necessary to have a body mass index within the parameters of what is considered ‘healthy’.

Another requirement is to have good visual acuity, although you can use glasses or contact lenses to meet it. Also, you must pass a hearing test.

However, much tougher physical tests must be passed. Astronauts must undergo extreme physical conditions: from extreme weather conditions to tests such as caving or diving.

With these tests, the astronauts are expected to be prepared to leave the ship in places with weather conditions very different from those on Earth and, in the case of diving, to get used to weightlessness and buoyancy.

But also something fundamental, according to the astronaut and Minister of Science, Pedro Duque, is “to have a very good attitude and to have mental preparation”. And it is that going out into space also entails great mental strength. The psychological conditions of future astronauts are decisive since they face extreme situations. In fact, three astronauts have died on space travel.

Higher education is also required. Specifically, until now it is an essential requirement to have a doctorate to be able to travel to space; Likewise, the astronauts must have three years of experience in research and the astronaut must be able to pilot the ship, so he will have to have technical notions of it and a scientific career that supports him.

In addition, for the first time, the ESA has opened the candidacy to people with a physical disabilities, and 257 people have already applied in this way.

It is one of the great novelties of this new round of selection, together with the increase in female applications that reach almost 25% of those received when in 2008 they barely exceeded 15%.

Once all these filters are passed, the next step is to pass psycho-technical and medical tests. Finally, the future astronaut will have to face endless interviews that will end with the Director General of the European Space Agency, who will determine the future 4 or 6 candidates who will travel to space.

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