Top Nutrient-Rich Raw Foods To Be Consumed For Better Health 

by Vishal Samadhiya
Top Nutrient-Rich Raw Foods To Be Consumed For Better Health

A properly cooked meal is essential for the body’s growth and development. But some foods can be eaten as exposure to heat will decrease their nutritional value. Moreover, a raw food diet is low in calories. Thus it will reduce the chances of cardiovascular disease and has numerous benefits. So, some of the most healthy raw food items are given below that should be included in your diet for longer life.

Top Nutrient-Rich Raw Foods


This vegetable has a lot of significance in terms of raw consumption. Although it is usually consumed in the form of juice, using it as salad can be a better alternative. It controls blood pressure and is considered a great pre-workout. Beetroots are rich in nitrates for the proper functioning of the body. In addition, it contains vitamin B9, which repairs damaged blood vessels and reduces the chances of heart disease. 


Tomato is one of the most common ingredients for Indian cooking. It has several nutritional benefits for us and is rich in potassium, folate, vitamin K and C. Also, tomatoes contain antioxidants which prevent cancer and heart dysfunctions. In addition, this veggie reduces elevated blood pressure and is beneficial for good brain health. Therefore, Indian households have a massive demand for tomatoes and farmers use the Swaraj 963 or any powerful tractor for its large-scale production.


The concept of consuming raw garlic may nauseate some people, but if you dare to achieve this task, your body will get the much-needed nourishment. The best time to eat raw garlic is early morning, and the preferred method for its consumption is mixing it with a few drops of honey to suppress its strong taste. In addition, garlic prevents many diseases by improving our immunity. Moreover, it balances the sugar levels in our body and has anti-inflammatory properties.


Although people prefer roasted nuts, consuming raw nuts may be a better health choice. Moreover, roasted nuts contain salt and sugar, increasing calorie consumption. They also reduce bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol. In addition, nuts are a rich source of fibre and help in weight loss. All these benefits result in a large number of its consumers. So, its production requires Powertrac Euro 50 or any other effective tractor. 


This is the most recognised vegetable for its raw consumption as its regular use can boost your health significantly. Broccoli balances hormones and blood sugar levels in our bodies. This veggie has cancer-fighting properties, and it provides nourishment to the eyes. Moreover, it has Vitamin C, which helps absorb iron. Therefore, broccoli is considered a superfood due to its nutritional value. 


Onion also has a prominent role in the Indian household as it is one of the major ingredients in the preparation of curries and other savoury dishes. It provides a balance of strong and sweet taste. The reason behind its pungent smell is Allicin, which also helps improve bone health and lower increased blood pressure. In addition, onions have many antioxidants to fight cancer and aids in proper heart functioning. Moreover, including raw onion in salads can improve hair quality and is also rich in fibres and folic acid.


Sprouts are germinated seeds which have small shoots coming out of them. Sprouting helps to increase the number of nutrients in regular food grains. They are easy to digest, and a slight heat can deplete their nutritional values. Moreover, they are considered a superfood because of their low calories and easy dietary absorption. Sprouts also help in increasing muscle mass and reducing body fat.


Radish is a vegetable root with a slightly sweet and bitter taste; that’s why people find it challenging to consume uncooked food. But once you know about its health benefits, you will include this veggie in your daily diet. Radish has loads of calcium, potassium, and antioxidants to keep you healthy. In addition, it improves blood circulation as it contains nitrates which are beneficial for our body. Therefore, it is an ideal food to consume raw.

So, these are some of the most nutritional food items that can be eaten raw for better health.

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