Most Inspiring Wedding Cakes Singapore Of 2022

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Wedding Cakes Singapore

If your wedding is in 2022, you must think about the menu and start finalizing it. With a fantastic meal planned, it is only suitable to finish things off with delicious and eye-catchy wedding cakes Singapore.

Previously, a white wedding cake was considered an attractive choice. But, trends are changing with time as the endless stunning designs of wedding cakes are getting great recognition globally due to distinctive colors and designs. Additionally, expert bakers use unique techniques to prepare flavorsome and alluring customized cakes Singapore.

So, are you ready to find some perfect cake designs for your wedding?

Read on for some beautiful ideas.

Pressed Florals

Organic and bloomed flowers have been in trend for the past few years. Gladly, this trend is expected to stay in 2022 and upcoming years. So whether you are planning a fairytale garden or boho wedding, this pressed floral wedding cake glorifies your event and celebration.

Another most pleasing thing about this cake is that it is available in different colors with a wide variety of pressed florals. So you can opt for the best design and color according to your wedding theme.

Vibrant and Bold Cake

If you are planning to throw an epic wedding party, then choosing a cake in a bold color is an ideal decision to consider. The size of the cake also matches the bold designs. Usually, four to five-tier cake is the best choice for couples, especially when they want to grab guests’ attention. 

Individual Mini Cake

The individual mini cake became famous in 2021 when the couple started inviting a few guests due to the ongoing pandemic. However, the trend and idea are still popular because this cake looks elegant and adorable.

No worries, if you have a limited budget for cake, you can still make your wedding cake unforgettable by cutting the individual mini cake in exclusive design and flavor.

Small Cutting Cake

If you don’t want to cut a massive cake at your wedding, then choosing a small cutting cake is an ideal solution for you. The trend of cutting small wedding cakes started in 2021 during an ongoing pandemic. Still, it is gaining tremendous popularity nowadays, and people want to celebrate their big day by cutting this cake. Generally, couples choose one or two-tier wedding cake, but the choice is all yours. You can choose a cake with multiple tiers.

Black Cake

If you are searching for a real piece of art, think about celebrating your wedding day with ‘Black Cake. This trend is taking 2022 by storm and can be designed to fit any wedding theme.

As mentioned earlier, the white cake was considered the ideal choice for wedding cakes, but couples these days feel joy while cutting the black cake. The tiny metallic or vibrant color pop on the cake’s top works magically.

Bottom Line

We have discussed some of the most renowned wedding cakes because this list continues. However, we suggest you choose the best cake shop because only professional bakes can bring precision to their work.

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